The United States of America is one of the most popular and famous tourist destinations around the globe. If you are a domestic or international bag packer, here is a list of few of the essential tips to bear in mind before traveling to the nation hassle free.

Before you fly

Ensure your passport is valid

Follow up with government website of your country of residence to observe which rules apply to your visa for your stay in the U.S. Most travelers need a 6-month validity required for their visit, although different countries require a visa for their desired length of stay in the American borders.

Visa situation

It is critical to understand the requirements for travelers to the American borders, according to the VWP (Visa Waiver Program) enables travelers to reside in the nation without for up to 90 days without a visa, as long as the traveler’s country of origin is a member country possessing ESTA authorization.


TSA approved locks

Transportation Security Administration follows strict regulations on baggage checking. If the bag of a traveler is found suspicious, TSA has full authority to crack open the lock and physically inspect the bag. In order to prevent any hassle like this, it is better to buy TSA approved locks which can be opened by a master lock without the need for breaking it open.


Transit rules

International flights even passing through the U.S for a couple of hours are required to pass through customs and immigration involving meeting visa requirements and baggage clearance.

In your destination

Book your airport transfer

The US is a relatively more car-reliant nation, with over 95 percent of its population owning cars. Ensuring excellent transfer from the airport to your destination will help reduce inconvenience. Public transports are available but move at a much slower pace than vehicles.


Turn off your mobile data

International roaming charges are incredibly high. Switching off mobile data will help you save more money and make the most of the free Wi-Fi available at the airport or make advanced international data roaming packages.

Tipping etiquette

Since the average wage is comparatively low in the U.S, tipping when dining in restaurants or when traveling in private transfers are considered as a common etiquette to promote a sense of gratuity.

Be aware of spending more

Most of the price tags on items in the U.S are excluding taxes. Different states in the nation have different tax rates. It is safe to assume a maximum of 10 percent tax excessive of the charge excluding price tag. So be prepared to pay more than what is calculated when you reach the counter to pay for its service.